• pregnancy after loss

    5 Things I Learned in My Rainbow Pregnancy

    The last place you want to spend Mother’s Day, as a mother, is in the ER. Mother’s Day 2017 brought us the biggest loss we had ever experienced as a married couple. We miscarried at almost twelve weeks along, at home, which then took us to spending Mother’s Day in the ER. Instead of spending Mother’s Day planting flowers and enjoying the day with my husband and our two children, I was getting pelvic exams and taking the “products of conception” in a paper bag to the ER. It was a nightmare. My name is Brittin. I am a Blessed Momma of a 5 year old little girl who came…

  • Instant Pot Chili

    Whole30 Instant Pot Chili

    I have always been a fan of chili, and when I started doing Whole30 I was quickly disappointed that I would need to cut chili from my diet (you cannot have legumes of any kind on Whole30). Chili as I have known it was always meat, beans, tomatoes with a few spices thrown in. I decided I needed to create a recipe that still tasted like chili, but was Whole30-friendly, with maybe a few more veggies thrown in. I also am a huge fan of the Instant Pot, so I wanted to make a chili recipe to quickly make in the IP. Brought to you by crunchofthemom.com, here is Whole30…

  • holiday blues

    Post-Holiday Blues

    January 2. The day when most moms sigh a big sigh of relief. The holidays are over. We made it. From Black Friday onward, we go to the ends of the earth for our friends and family to make the holidays wonderful. Shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, cleaning, party planning, budgeting, making travel plans, and somehow finding time to get a few hours of sleep at night to wake up and do it all over again. For about 6-7 weeks solid. It’s absolute insanity, but we do this to ourselves, year after year. Part of us enjoys the rush, and the other part of us cannot wait til it’s all over.…

  • LuLaRoe

    Direct Sales: An Insider Perspective

    As I sit here next to my husband on the train back home from Chicago, I am reminded of the little things, the simple things, yet the so very hugely important things in life. About 5 years ago now, I worked in an impatient neuropsychiatric unit while pregnant with our oldest daughter. I was up at 6am every morning, home at 6pm every evening, throughout the pregnancy; through exhaustion, morning sickness (sometimes all day sickness), conducting sessions with geriatric patients suffering from a plethora of emotional, psychological, and physical disorders. I was in the company of physically aggressive and verbally abusive patients, who desperately needed help. The career of a…

  • Through Whole 30

    The Whole Way Through Whole30

    Well, I did it. I made it through the 30 days of what I expected to be pure torture–the whole way through Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom. Surprisingly, it wasn’t torture at all but rather a life changing experience that has forever changed my relationship with food. I am a mother of two little girls. My life is busy, my nights are sleepless, I have been breastfeeding for 4 years almost non-stop, and the 30 pounds that I haven’t been able to lose for the last 4+ years, were justified. But, enough was enough. My youngest turns 1 year old this month and it was…

  • Whole30
    Recipes,  You

    Keep the Milk Flowing on Whole30

    As I sit here on Day 20 of the 30 day program of The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom, I want to talk to you about my experience with snacks. As a quick overview for those of you new to Whole30, these are the pillars of the Whole30 program that are non-negotiable. So whether you’re munching on a snack or eating a meal, the following may NOT be consumed. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners No alcohol No grains No legumes No dairy I am a nursing Mom, so I need to be taking in enough calories to sustain a good nursing relationship with my…

  • Whole30

    Whole30 – Halfway there!

    I have been overweight for most of my life. I remember when I was an adolescent, I couldn’t fit into regular jeans.  We had to get the 14+ size, which was the “chunky kid” version of a regular 14. I remember that so vividly. I also remember riding the bus in middle school and having one of my supposed “friends” tell me “You are fat!  Look at your stomach!” I will never forget when that boy said that. It destroyed me. Sure, I thought I was a little chunky but that word… “fat”… absolutely made me feel like a piece of chewy steak that I regularly spit out. I remember…

  • bonfire
    Kids,  You


    Spring in Michigan is a beautiful time. Grass turns green, flowers bloom, birds chirp, and everything seemingly comes alive again after a dormant winter. Tonight after we got our little ones asleep, quick like a ninja, I exited the house into the fresh spring air. I was thrilled by the idea that for about 30 minutes, the dogs and I would enjoy some peace and solitude on a beautiful spring evening. Pure Michigan beauty. Crisp air, slight breeze, not a car in sight, and more stars in the sky than I had noticed in months. Mostly likely because I hadn’t taken the time to notice them. They have probably been there all along…

  • hyacinth toddler craft
    Crafts,  Kids

    Hyacinth Toddler Craft

    Spring is here! In my mind, I’m ready for beautiful flowers to start growing! In Michigan’s mind, we have a while yet. To make it “feel” like spring, my 3-year-old and I decided to make a hyacinth craft project. I asked my daughter what kind of flower she wanted to make. We saw hyacinths in a magazine a few days ago, she LOVED them, and so she said she wanted to make some! So, here we are. Cue simple hyacinth toddler craft! Hope you enjoy! Supplies: White card-stock paper (any size works) Green card-stock paper (or construction paper works too) Purple tempura paint Round sponges or bottle cap (if your toddler can be careful…

  • meal planning

    The Husband’s Guide to Meal Planning

    This is what dinners look like these days, as a Mom of a toddler and an infant. Please note that this is dripping with sarcasm, and I DO cook for my family and I love doing so. But sometimes, I wish this would be more of the accepted mealtime reality. So, dear husband, here is my concise guide to meal planning for the week. I do hope you approve. 1. “Make Your Own” Monday I take no part in making dinner on Monday nights. “Make Your Own” Monday is what it sounds like: Make your own dinner. Mac & cheese, PB&J, a bowl of Cheerios sound like perfect options to me! Remember…