• three finger salute

    The Three Finger Salute

    Each time my husband puts our 3-year-old to bed, I feel like giving him the three finger salute from “The Hunger Games.”  You know, the salute that is used by District 12 residents to show love, admiration or respect to each other. When I watch him head down the hallway to the bathroom to begin the bedtime teeth brushing routine with our 3-year-old, he deserves the three finger salute. I admire his perseverance, patience and love for his daughter, particularly in that moment.  Parents out there, you know what I am talking about.  You know how those minutes or hours before bedtime go with a 3-year-old.  The struggle is real. On the way to…

  • postpartum depression

    Postpartum Purgatory

    The moments immediately following birth are some of the most incredible, surreal, astounding, miraculous and emotional moments that you may experience in your lifetime. You brought new life into the world! The life that was inside of you for the better part of a year, is now earth-side. Astounding. That little bundle of amazing life gasps for her first breath of air, and that’s it. You are no longer her sole vessel. These first couple of days after birth are fairytale-like in nature. You have the incredible support of many people, including close family or friends, nurses, doctors, doulas, and midwives. You can relax for the most part, the siblings are cared for by…

  • chicken vegetable soup

    Peanut Butter Vegetable Chicken Soup

    This is a great hearty, protein packed, wintry soup!  It tastes great with a baguette dipped in.  You don’t even need a side salad with it because it is packed with healthy veggies.  It’s a complete meal on its own.  I did some experimenting and I think I found just the right combination of veggies!  This recipe makes enough to freeze, or enough to feed a small army.  I would love to hear what you and your family think of it! Makes: 12 or more servings Ingredients:  12 c – chicken broth 4 c – diced cooked chicken 2 c – peeled and diced potatoes 2 c – diced carrots 2 c –…