• hyacinth toddler craft
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    Hyacinth Toddler Craft

    Spring is here! In my mind, I’m ready for beautiful flowers to start growing! In Michigan’s mind, we have a while yet. To make it “feel” like spring, my 3-year-old and I decided to make a hyacinth craft project. I asked my daughter what kind of flower she wanted to make. We saw hyacinths in a magazine a few days ago, she LOVED them, and so she said she wanted to make some! So, here we are. Cue simple hyacinth toddler craft! Hope you enjoy! Supplies: White card-stock paper (any size works) Green card-stock paper (or construction paper works too) Purple tempura paint Round sponges or bottle cap (if your toddler can be careful…

  • snow paint
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    DIY Snow Paint

    Want to know how to make a paint that is fluffy like snow, dries with a puffy texture, and is a super fun sensory experience for your kiddo? Read along for a tutorial on making Snow Paint! Materials:  White glue Shaving cream Glitter Peppermint essential oil Bowl Spoon and/or paint brush How to Make:  1. Dump equal parts white glue and shaving cream into a bowl. 2. Shake some glitter into the bowl (white or silver works well for the snow look). 3. Add 1 drop peppermint essential oil. It makes it smell better than glue and shaving cream, and gives it a wintry scent. Completely optional. 4. Lightly stir…

  • party bag

    Lumberjack Party Bag

    My 3 year old LOVES lumberjacks.  I’m not even sure why, but she does.  Today she asked me if we could make a “Lumberjack Party Bag.”  When I asked her what the party bag would be for, she told me, “For my next party, of course!”  There ya have it.  We have her 4th birthday party theme already determined, almost 1 year in advance: Lumberjacks.  I should start working on that now, because I am fairly positive there isn’t much out on the interwebs about throwing a lumberjack party.  So here you go, friends.  In case your kid ever asks you to make a “lumberjack party bag,” you’ll be all…

  • Oobleck
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    The Science of Oobleck-ing

    What is Oobleck? Oobleck is an easy-to-make substance that has some interesting physical properties. The liquid-like slime is an example of a non-Newtonian fluid. Many common liquids like water and alcohol have a constant viscosity, but Oobleck can be liquid when held loosely in your hand. It can also act like a solid if it’s hit with something. The name comes from Dr. Seuss’s 1949 children’s book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, which is about a king who is so bored with the weather in his kingdom that he wants something completely new to fall from the sky. If you want to make this fun, completely new substance with your kiddo, check…

  • valentine's day love craft
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    Valentine’s Day “Love” Craft

    My 3 year old loves to paint on canvases. Lately we’ve been having fun with masking tape and acrylic paint. We’ve created some holiday decor for the house that is gorgeous and 100% painted by her. I wanted to share the Valentine’s Day “LOVE” craft we did together today. Supplies:  Sponge brush or paint brush Canvas (any size) Scissors Masking tape Egg carton Acrylic paint (red, purple, white) Paint smock Glitter Instructions:  1. Mom spells “LOVE” on the canvas with masking tape. Make the letter edges as sharp and even as you can. 2. Put paint smock on your kiddo. 3. Pour some acrylic paint into an egg carton. We…

  • toddler clown craft

    Toddler Clown Craft

    My 3 year old loves clowns. They have been her “thing” for a quite a few months and she’s just so curious about them. She loves their wild hair, their noses, and the “creepy factor” seems to intrigue her. I wanted to make a clown craft with her that she could do almost entirely herself. Here is what we came up with: the toddler clown craft. Supplies: Paper plate Scissors Construction paper Glue Pencil Balls (I used some leftover ones we had from the holidays, making Rudolph ornaments) Instructions:    Trace both hands with a pencil. Sisters were bonding here through clown hair tracing. 😉 Cut out traced hands. Mom…

  • playdough recipe
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    Playdough Recipe: Scented & Long Lasting

    Something that my daughter and I love to do together is not only create with playdough, but actually make the playdough ourselves. I like knowing exactly what is in the playdough recipe, and the ingredients are safely edible.  Is there a kid who has never tried to eat playdough? Probably not. So by making your own, you know what your kid is eating if they decide to do some munching. If they decide to give it a taste, worst case scenario is they may guzzle some water afterward since the salt content is off the charts. Another reason we love to make our own is that we can add our own scents,…