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    Why I Let My Kid Make Messes 

    Maximum Madness in Minimal Time With a baby and a toddler in the house, I sometimes wonder if there is any purpose in organizing, mopping, decluttering or cleaning at all.  Sometimes the mere thought of getting out of bed in the morning and embarking upon the mess that was never tidied from the night before is enough to make this mama cray cray! The minute a toy is put away or a spill is cleaned, another magically appears. The messiness can get so bad, in fact, I sometimes think my kids are purposely trying to drive me to the looney bin.  I constantly have to remind myself that they are simply discovering their world in a creative way, by…

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    I Want My Future Adult Daughter to Know 10 Things

    My daughter is 3 years old.  It’s an amazing age.  Amazingly fun, amazingly tiring, amazingly inspiring, and amazingly confusing.  I love this stage of life she is in, and I want her to hang onto all of her amazingness that she so fully embodies right now.  So, to my 3 year old daughter when she is an adult…. Dear Future Adult Daughter, 1. Be Comfortable. I want you to be comfortable, just as you are now.  I want you to wear the mismatched shoes, if they feel better.  Wear them with a dress, wear them with whatever you want.  You define your own style.  Don’t wear the stiletto heals if they feel…

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    Just a Normal Blog Post

    January 1, 2016 – a new year.  a fresh start. a clean slate. It’s time for all of us to think about what we want to do, what we could do, what we WILL do, given all the “ideal” circumstances in this amazing and fresh “New year.”  Do we have enough time?  Enough money?  Enough stamina?  Are we even sleeping enough to function in a normal capacity?  What is normal anyway? A concept that everyone experiences in a normal and identical way is: time. Time is normal. days. weeks. months. years. It all passes the same. We can’t get ahead of it, we can’t fall behind it. It just IS.…