• meal planning

    The Husband’s Guide to Meal Planning

    This is what dinners look like these days, as a Mom of a toddler and an infant. Please note that this is dripping with sarcasm, and I DO cook for my family and I love doing so. But sometimes, I wish this would be more of the accepted mealtime reality. So, dear husband, here is my concise guide to meal planning for the week. I do hope you approve. 1. “Make Your Own” Monday I take no part in making dinner on Monday nights. “Make Your Own” Monday is what it sounds like: Make your own dinner. Mac & cheese, PB&J, a bowl of Cheerios sound like perfect options to me! Remember…

  • three finger salute

    The Three Finger Salute

    Each time my husband puts our 3-year-old to bed, I feel like giving him the three finger salute from “The Hunger Games.”  You know, the salute that is used by District 12 residents to show love, admiration or respect to each other. When I watch him head down the hallway to the bathroom to begin the bedtime teeth brushing routine with our 3-year-old, he deserves the three finger salute. I admire his perseverance, patience and love for his daughter, particularly in that moment.  Parents out there, you know what I am talking about.  You know how those minutes or hours before bedtime go with a 3-year-old.  The struggle is real. On the way to…

  • postpartum depression

    Postpartum Purgatory

    The moments immediately following birth are some of the most incredible, surreal, astounding, miraculous and emotional moments that you may experience in your lifetime. You brought new life into the world! The life that was inside of you for the better part of a year, is now earth-side. Astounding. That little bundle of amazing life gasps for her first breath of air, and that’s it. You are no longer her sole vessel. These first couple of days after birth are fairytale-like in nature. You have the incredible support of many people, including close family or friends, nurses, doctors, doulas, and midwives. You can relax for the most part, the siblings are cared for by…

  • new mom

    Top 10 Things to NEVER Say to a New Mom

    People ask and tell new Moms all kinds of things. Some are well intended, some are just plain not.  Before the verbal diarrhea leads you to say something snarky, or ask something nosey, please read this: Top 10 things to NEVER say to a new mom. 1.  “Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?” Sleep schedules and requirements vary drastically from one baby to the next.  Some babies get by with far less sleep than others.  Some babies sleep through the night from day 1, some don’t sleep more than 1 hour at a time for the first couple years of life (*ahem* I have the latter).  Besides this, babies go on…

  • dear husband
    Kids,  You

    Dear Husband Across the Room

    7:30 pm, my husband and I begin the bedtime routines with our 2 girls. Our 3-year-old brushes her teeth, takes a bath, then it’s jammies, stories, and songs. It’s typically the same most nights, with the occasional derailment. Ok, we always get derailed. She wants a carrot to munch on in bed, she has to go potty for the 10th time, she needs a different stuffed animal, she wants her other water bottle with the robots NOT the butterflies, she wants the soft sheets not the scratchy ones, the list goes on. I sing her to sleep in her big girl bed, give her a butterfly kiss, then I sneak…

  • mom in the yoga pants
    Kids,  You

    To the Mom in the Yoga Pants

    I walked into the grocery store… I walked into the grocery store the other day while babywearing my 6 month old and walking hand-in-hand with my 3 year old. We made it to the store in one piece, easily braving the snowy parking lot, and went in the store. It was rejuvenating, after the sleepless night we had before, and the crazy departure from the home that took 2 hours. My 3 year old asked politely to get into the cart, my 6 month old on my chest was all smiles, and I even remembered my shopping list and bottles to return. I was feeling optimistic and relaxed. Within 3…

  • you've been demoted
    Kids,  You

    You’ve Been Demoted: A Letter to All My Babies 

    Demoted: when someone has been given a lower rank or less senior position To All of My Babies,  This letter is to my babies. I have 5 of them. Sure, three of them are “just” fur-babies, but nonetheless, they are all still my babies. Dear Bosco – the cat I got in grad school, I adopted you from a family who was moving to Australia, who almost gave you to the pound. You were there for me during one of the most difficult parts of my life. I was getting a Master’s degree. You sat on the couch next to me through all hours of the night while I studied, and said nothing.…

  • it's ok to cry over spilled milk
    Kids,  You

    It’s OK to Cry Over Spilled Milk

    “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” It’s a familiar statement. We were told by our parents, they were told by their parents, and it just keeps going back.  While the intention of this statement is debatably a good one, I still struggle with the idea. It’s OK to cry over spilled milk. Taken literally, let’s explore the statement.  A child who recently learned to use a fork and sit at a table in a booster chair, spilled her glass of milk.  As parents, we try to stay calm, and we clean up the mess.  If we are teaching our children to be independent, we may ask them (even at an early age), to assist…

  • things babies don't need
    Kids,  You

    11 Things Babies Don’t Need

    This is a letter to all women expecting a first baby. You may feel like you want all the baby things. Let me be the voice of reason here with 11 things babies don’t need. Dear Mom-to-be, Congratulations! You are embarking upon one of life’s greatest joys and biggest challenges: motherhood. Right now your blinders are on. You have tunnel vision. All that you see and all that you think about is…BABY! It’s amazing and overwhelming. While you have your head in the clouds, listen up for a minute. You don’t need ALL THE THINGS. Not really. You mostly just need that baby and some essentials. Here is my list…

  • hands full

    You’ve Got Your Hands Full

    When we become moms, our social calendars change. A riveting social experience for us sometimes includes a trip to the store with our kids. Being around other adults can be a rarity, so we thrive on those brief adult interactions. Multiple times a week I head into public with my 3 year old and my 5 month old. The most adventurous we get these days is a trip to the grocery store. On the morning of a grocery shopping day, I pack my husband a lunch, feed, water and let out the dogs/cat, change diapers, dress kids, brush my teeth and get dressed, unload the dishwasher, start the laundry,  start…