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Lumberjack Party Bag

My 3 year old LOVES lumberjacks.  I’m not even sure why, but she does.  Today she asked me if we could make a “Lumberjack Party Bag.”  When I asked her what the party bag would be for, she told me, “For my next party, of course!”  There ya have it.  We have her 4th birthday party theme already determined, almost 1 year in advance: Lumberjacks.  I should start working on that now, because I am fairly positive there isn’t much out on the interwebs about throwing a lumberjack party.  So here you go, friends.  In case your kid ever asks you to make a “lumberjack party bag,” you’ll be all set.  You’re welcome.

Materials Needed:

Green construction paper

Black Marker

Brown Marker

Crinkle Scissors


Paper bag


*Before you start, you will want to fill the bag with whatever party favor you would like to give.

1. Fold construction paper over top of paper bag so half is in the front, half in the back.


2. Staple near the top, 2 or 3 times.


3. Use the crinkle scissors to trim the bottom of the green paper on both sides. 

 FullSizeRender 3

4.  Help your toddler draw some logs by making circles along each side of the bag, and connecting with straight lines.  Have your toddler color in a door and decorate the “lumberjack house” however she sees fit. 

 FullSizeRender 2

5.  Hot glue a little door knob on (we used a random sea shell from Florida) and Ta da!  There you have a very effective, inexpensive, “Lumberjack Party Bag,” as my 3-year-old called it.  Enjoy!  


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