toddler clown craft

Toddler Clown Craft

My 3 year old loves clowns. They have been her “thing” for a quite a few months and she’s just so curious about them. She loves their wild hair, their noses, and the “creepy factor” seems to intrigue her. I wanted to make a clown craft with her that she could do almost entirely herself. Here is what we came up with: the toddler clown craft.


  1. Paper plate
  2. Scissors
  3. Construction paper
  4. Glue
  5. Pencil
  6. Balls (I used some leftover ones we had from the holidays, making Rudolph ornaments)



    1. Trace both hands with a pencil. Sisters were bonding here through clown hair tracing. 😉toddler clown craft
    2. Cut out traced hands. Mom may need to help a bit.  toddler clown craft
    3. Glue hands (clown hair) onto back of plate.  toddler clown craft
    4. Cut out triangles for eyes and glue them on.  toddler clown craft

  1. Add some pupils.  toddler clown craft
  2. Glue on the clown nose. Tacky glue works well.  Cut out a mouth from red construction paper and glue on. toddler clown craft
  3. Cut out a large triangle for the hat. Put a ball on the top.  toddler clown craft
  4.  You’re done with your toddler clown craft! Takes the littles maybe 10 mins to do and it costs next to nothing to make this. We are all about inexpensive and toddler-appropriate crafts. This one fit the bill! Tell us what you think or if you have any other craft suggestions you would like for us to try!

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