valentine's day love craft
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Valentine’s Day “Love” Craft

My 3 year old loves to paint on canvases. Lately we’ve been having fun with masking tape and acrylic paint. We’ve created some holiday decor for the house that is gorgeous and 100% painted by her. I wanted to share the Valentine’s Day “LOVE” craft we did together today.


Sponge brush or paint brush

Canvas (any size)


Masking tape

Egg carton

Acrylic paint (red, purple, white)

Paint smock


1. Mom spells “LOVE” on the canvas with masking tape. Make the letter edges as sharp and even as you can.

valentine's day love craft
2. Put paint smock on your kiddo.

3. Pour some acrylic paint into an egg carton. We used red, pink and purple.

valentine's day love craft
4. Give your kiddo the paint sponge and let her run wild with her imagination on the canvas. Make sure she paints all over the top of the masking tape, so the letters show up once it peels off.

valentine's day love craft
5. When paint is still wet, let her pour some glitter on top wherever she wants (we used pink).

valentine's day love craft
6. Wait for paint to dry (an hour or so).

7. Peel masking tape off gently.

valentine's day love craft
Ta da! Beautiful wall hanging made by your kiddo. Sweetness overload.   Have fun! Follow “Crunch of the Mom” for more ideas to do with your kids!

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