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In a world where the average American family income  is not that impressive, especially considering over half of these families include both spouses working, direct sales has made a great impact by allowing the “stay at home” spouse to contribute to the family income without having to go to work.

For me, beginning my Multi-Level Marketing journey started with selling Jamberry nail wraps. This allowed me to work completely online through social media platforms, selling a product I believe in, creating a multi-level-marketing team that is also a supportive sisterhood, all while making significant contributions to our family revenue. From 2014 to 2016 I sold Jamberry. As sales declined, I saw another company and product I believed in and made the switch to LuLaRoe.

In November of 2016, my husband and I began the LuLaRoe journey. With a high upfront investment cost, we had to work hard to make the money back and get into the profit zone. After three months of working at night and on the weekends, we made it back and were able to reinvest in more inventory and new styles to keep customers interested.

There’s no arguing that LuLaRoe has gone beyond the fad stage and the sales are not as wild and crazy as they used to be. But if you’re willing to work, adapt and change to the market, selling online or in person can be a fun adventure.

We love selling LuLaRoe. It helps us keep our family income in-shape and blesses the lives of women who find the right styles and the right fit, for any shape or size.

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