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DIY Snow Paint

Want to know how to make a paint that is fluffy like snow, dries with a puffy texture, and is a super fun sensory experience for your kiddo? Read along for a tutorial on making Snow Paint!


White glue

Shaving cream


Peppermint essential oil


Spoon and/or paint brush

snow paint
How to Make: 

1. Dump equal parts white glue and shaving cream into a bowl.

snow paint

2. Shake some glitter into the bowl (white or silver works well for the snow look).

snow paint
3. Add 1 drop peppermint essential oil. It makes it smell better than glue and shaving cream, and gives it a wintry scent. Completely optional.

snow paint
4. Lightly stir it all together with a spoon.

snow paint
5. Have fun! Use a paintbrush to design a snowman on paper, or give your kiddo a spoon and let her have a sensory blast! My daughter loved just squeezing it between her fingers for a good 20 mins.

snow paint
snow paint
6. Spoon the snow paint into a baggie when play is over. I used a second baggie to make sure it was well contained. I hid a few little toys inside for my daughter to find. She loved squeezing it through the plastic bags and searching for Nemo and Dino that were inside swimming around. Sensory blast for a 3 year old!

snow paint
Hope you have fun with this snow paint! We would love to hear how your kids liked it!

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