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Milkies Milk-Saver Review

There are so many mom-wars about feeding babies. Breast is best. Fed is best. Formula is best. So many opinions. The more opinions presented, the more stressful it is to synthesize information. If we all stayed in our own lane (it’s my newest favorite analogy) and drove our own cars, we would have more time to focus on what’s actually important: keeping our families safe and healthy, the best we know how, with the resources we are given.

The Milkies-Milk Saver

One of the most amazing resources I have discovered as a breastfeeding mama is the Milkies Milk-Saver. There’s truly nothing to debate here. All this thing is, is AMAZING. I am a lazy breastfeeding mama. I don’t like to pump, and in fact, it’s stressful for me because the output is never much, so then I question my supply. My supply has always been able to exclusively sustain my babes, but the pumping process stresses me out. The thing I am able to do with zero stress is put this Milk Saver on the breast I’m not feeding with, and watch it fill with milk with zero effort. I can easily nurse my baby on one side, and with the Milk Saver on the other side, I am collecting milk for those times when a bottle is necessary.

From day 1 of breastfeeding, I use the Milk Saver. After each feeding, at least 1-2 ounces are saved and then put in the freezer. This is essentially the “leakage” that happens, and there is no pressure put onto the breast to get the output. I like that. We have a decent freezer stash, and for an exclusively breastfeeding mama, it’s plenty. My babes don’t ever seem to love bottles, but in the rare occurrence that I am not home, we at least have the frozen milk as an option.  

People come to my home and see the freezer stash and ask me when I find time to pump AND exclusively breastfeed. When I tell them that the milk is only from leakage on the other breast while feeding my baby, they are shocked! This thing is the best kept secret of breastfeeding and everyone should have one. The price point is under $30 and I tell you, it will be the best $30 you have ever spent.

Brittin Schumaker is a mom, a blogger, and a small business owner. During the day she picks up toys and is a made-to-order chef for two amazing girls and a sweet baby boy. At night she sells LuLaRoe at, and she blogs at When she sees her husband, they either fall asleep or fall madly in love again.


  • Jessica coe

    Cool! I got a Haakaa but it doesn’t stay suctioned well when holding baby; it’s tricky to position. How do these work?

    • Brittin Schumaker

      Hi, Jessica! This thing is so easy. You just put it inside your nursing tank or nursing bra, and it just stays there. It is positioned over the nipple and the milk just goes right in. No suction, nothing. It takes 1 second to position. 🙂

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